About The Program

The Second Chance program presented by Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery is an opportunity for one person in the Waco, Texas, community to get a second chance and improve their smile. If you have multiple missing teeth, are in need of extensive oral surgery, or your oral health is deteriorating, you may be a candidate for the Second Chance program. The selected recipient of our Second Chance Program will restore their smile with a new set of natural-looking teeth after the best form of treatment is determined by Dr. Warren. Please take a moment to completely fill out the application form and tell us about your story. We look forward to offering a deserving candidate in Waco, Texas, a second chance on life.

About Second Chance

Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery is happy to announce the first annual Second Chance Program, which will provide a deserving member of our community with a new smile! We know that a smile can completely transform lives in a positive way, and the selected recipient of our Second Chance Program will restore their smile with a new set of natural-looking teeth. After the application period has closed on Nov. 30, 2015 at 11:59 PM CT, Dr. Scott Warren will review the submissions, meet with each of the candidates, evaluate their conditions, and hear their stories before making a selection for a recipient.

Why You Should Apply

The decision for who receives the Second Chance will be made based on a combination of factors, but the end result will be a brand new set of fully functioning, beautiful teeth. If you are suffering from poor oral health, have several missing or failing teeth, or are unable to afford any kind of dental procedure without financial assistance, then the Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery Second Chance Program may be right for you. Please take this opportunity to apply for a Second Chance.

Dr. Warren, DDS, M. D.

As the oral & maxillofacial surgeon at Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery, I am proud to be able to offer the Second Chance program to the community of Waco, Texas. I know it will be extremely difficult to narrow the field and choose just one recipient to undergo this treatment, but I am really looking forward to using my expertise in dental implants and oral healthcare to help improve someone’s quality of life. I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with our recipient and the entire community.

Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery

As our practice grows and becomes the premier provider for both dental implants and oral surgery in the community, we are committed to excellence in providing top-notch patient care and customer service. We are proud that our compassion for the people we treat and our quality services are well known throughout the community. Our surgical team and office staff are trained to handle your unique oral health needs and are here to assist you.

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While we can only choose one recipient, your opportunity is not lost. The Second Chance Program is offered every year; share your story or the story of someone you love.

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